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Buyer’s Checklist

Required Forms Before Bidding

Click Each Button – Fill and Submit

Payment Options

Recommended Tips

  • Ensure to submit your paperwork at least 48 hours before the sale.
  • Create an account with the Jockey Club Registry. After payment is received and processed, the horse’s papers will be sent to your account or to a track/trainer’s account you indicate. 
  • To be able to bid using the OBS online bidding platform, you must complete a credit request and be approved. 
  • After purchasing a horse, ensure to hire a transportation service to ship your horse to your desired location. The transportation service office can be found near the sales office. 
  • When paying for a horse, ensure to state the hip number(s), sale year, sale name, and/or percentages purchased in the notes section. For example, if you purchased 50% of hip 100 in the 2024 March sale, notate (50 % of hip 100 in March 2024).