OBS Online Bidding


Login to our new Equibid platform, hosted by Xcira. There are some new features, however the sale and bidding screen will be familiar to returning customers. We highly recommend using Google Chrome as a browser to avoid any technical issues.

NOTE: Login requires clicking 3 separate buttons to get to the bidding screen!
(If you click ‘View Only’ you will not be able to bid)
Tutorials for this process are located under the ‘Help’ section below

To launch the bidding screen:

1. Click ‘Login’ on Equibid using your credentials
2. Click ‘Attend’ (You may need to ‘Accept Cookies’)
3. In the pop-up screen, check the box next to ‘All’ and click ‘Attend’ again


New customers must register 48 hours prior to the sale. Once you have registered, make sure you activate buyer notifications for your new profile on the top right of the home screen. New registrations must submit a credit request form, found at the link below:

Credit Application

Your online bidding application is subject to approval from the OBS credit office. Our credit system is based on financial information and may include credit checks, verification of funds, referrals, or bank approval which can take multiple days to process. Any registrations during a sale are not guaranteed to be processed on short notice.


Any questions about entering a sale to bid online, registering to bid, or resetting your password can be addressed in the short videos on the help page.


Navigating The OBS Online Bidding Screen

Login Process
Bidding Screen Visual Overview
A Closer Look at the Bidding Section
Understanding the Max Bid Option
Bidding Platform for Mobile Phones
Written description for Navigating The OBS Online Bidding Screen

Winning Bid Notification

If you are the successful bidder online, you will receive an Acknowledgment of Purchase via email from OBS.

You may elect the following options;
Check and initial the appropriate box if you are claiming an exemption from Florida sales tax because you are shipping your purchase directly from OBS to a location out of Florida. Please indicate the location outside Florida where the horse will be sent.

Check the appropriate box to request a blood test for Anabolic Steroids  and undisclosed medications (cost $500)

Check the appropriate box to request a blood test for Bisphosphonates (cost $500)

Once you complete the Acknowledgment of Purchase, Eversign will automatically email it to OBS.

Please make arrangements for horse transportation and any post purchase examinations.