Walking Video and Conformation Photo Guidelines

Submission: File-sharing services like Dropbox and WeTransfer are greatly preferred and will result in faster uploads to our website. Send links or questions to: jrosser@obssales.com

*Please note: Submission of media files within 24 hours of any breeze show session greatly affects the upload process and could require an additional 24 hours for your photos or videos to be posted.

*Submission of media files on a sale day are NOT guaranteed to be posted.

October Sale graphics


  • Walking videos must be delivered to OBS as .mp4 files.
  • MANDATORY FILE NAMES: Walking videos must be named with the hip number followed by the letter “w”. For example, hip number 54 will be titled “54w”.
  • Do not include any other information in the name of the file (Sire, Dam, etc.)
  • FILE SIZE: Files must not exceed 20 MB, anything over this size is subject to rejection.
  • SHOT SEQUENCE: For walking videos, we recommend the following shot sequence:
  1. Conformation shot
  2. Walking left to right
  3. Walking right to left
  4. Walking away
  5. Walking toward
  6. Conformation shot
  • GRAPHICS: OBS has created graphic packages for you to add to your video with the proper identifying information.  This will help create a more standardized look for all of the videos.
  • PERSONAL VIDEOS: We urge you to use a professional videographer to best present your horse. If you choose to create a walking videos yourself please follow these recommendations;
    • Hold your camera/smart phone in landscape (sideways) orientation.
    • Have your camera settings adjusted to 1920 x 1080 and 30 frames per second.
    • Please familiarize yourself with the Tips for shooting horse videos below
    • Please be sure to adhere to file size requirements listed above.


  • Photos should be a conformation shot saved as a .jpg.
  • MANDATORY FILE NAMES: photos should be named with the hip number followed by the letter “p”.  For example, if the photo is of hip number 54, the file should be named, “54p”.
  • FILE SIZE: photos should be no larger than 1250 x 1000 pixels and the file should not exceed 2 MB.

Once the files are delivered to OBS, please allow up to 48 hours for them to be available on the website.  We will post them online as quickly as possible. Please be sure files are labeled correctly. We receive thousands of individual media files and proper file labels, submission location, sizes and formats will speed up the process immensely. If you have any questions you may contact Wes Peterson in the OBS office. OBS reserves the right to not accept any videos we feel does not represent the horse well.

Tips for shooting horse videos

  • Photographer should keep the sun to their back and avoid harsh shadows on horses
  • Shooting on a slightly cloudy day is fine and usually prevents shadows. Do not shoot if it is raining.
  • The ideal shooting location should allow 40 or more feet for the horse to walk in a straight line. The area should be flat with a pleasing background that is free of distractions.
  • When shooting with a cell phone maintain a distance of about 20 feet from the horse. This will ensure the entire horse is included in the frame.
  • Walking on a hard surface shows the entire feet. If horse is walking on grass please make sure it is freshly cut. If walking on mulch or other material make sure it has been raked.
  • If your phone or camera records in a format other than the required .mp4 file type it will need to be converted. The easiest way is to upload your video to Youtube. When the video finishes processing just click the download button. The file will be sent back to you as an .mp4.