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OBS Spring Sale begins Tuesday, June 9

The 2020 OBS Spring Sale of Two-Year-Olds in Training is set for Tuesday through Friday, June 9th – 12th with all sessions beginning at 10:00 a.m.

The catalog is in three volumes. Hip No.’s 1 – 616 can be found in book one; Hip No.’s 617 – 1231 are in book two and Supplement Hip No’s 1233 – 1311 are in book three. Additional supplements Hip No.’s 1312 – 1315 are available online in the OBS website and in printed form at the sales grounds.

The sale, rescheduled from its original dates in April, will follow this schedule with a quarter of the supplements selling at the end of each session:

  • Hip No. 1 – 308 plus Supplements 1233 – 1252 will sell Tuesday, June 9th.
  • Hip No. 309 – 616 plus Supplements 1253 – 1272 will be sold Wednesday, June 10th.
  • Hip No. 617 – 924 plus Supplements 1273 – 1292 will sell Thursday, June 11th.
  • Hip No. 925 – 1231 plus Supplements 1293 – 1315 will be sold Friday, June 12th.

Videos from the seven Under Tack sessions are posted online at as well as viewable on site via video kiosks located around the sales pavilion. Current information about OBS sales, consignors and graduates is now also available via social media sites Facebook and Twitter. A link on the homepage directs users to either site.

OBS will offer Online Bidding for the first time during the Spring Sale.  Buyers will be able to go to the OBS website and register to gain bidding approval, then access the OBS Bidding Screen with their credentials. For complete information on registration and online bidding please go to the OBS website at:

Sales results are updated frequently during each session on the OBS website and available in sortable, .pdf and excel formats at the conclusion of each session. The latest news regarding OBS graduates, sales schedules, nominations, credit requests, travel information and other news relevant to OBS consignors and customers is also available. E-mail should be addressed to

For more information regarding the Spring Sale or OBS website, please call (352) 237-2154.